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How To Install, Use and Maintain Your StoneStream® Shower Heads and Filters

How to install a new StoneStream® handheld shower head

Installing a new StoneStream handheld shower head is as easy as it gets; simply follow the steps in the below video:


How to install a new StoneStream® shower hose

No need to call a handyman. Installing a new StoneStream standard shower hose is extremely simple; just follow the easy steps in the below video:


How to install a new StoneStream® hard water filter

The hard water filter provides cleaner and therefore healthier water for you and your family using its 15-stages filtration technology that will reduce impurities in your water like Limescale, chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. Get your hard water filter and follow the next video to install it on your wall fixed shower:


How to install the StoneStream® hard water filtration kit

Like with every StoneStream product - installing your new StoneStream hard water filtration kit is a breeze. Here's a step by step guidance for you:


How to install the StoneStream® wall shower adapter kit

An easy step-by-step guide to turning your fixed wall mount shower into a handheld shower with our wall shower adapter kit in minutes:


How to install the StoneStream® handheld + wall-mounted combo kit

You're the non-compromising type, we like it! Kudos for choosing to enjoy both worlds and have two shower heads in a single shower system, smart choice. Here's how you install your new combo kit in your wall shower:


How to clean your StoneStream® showerhead

Before you go to the store to buy harsh chemicals to clean your shower head try our easy step-by-step guide and your StoneStream showerhead will be as good as new: 


How to replace your StoneStream® shower head replacement stones

We recommend replacing your stones or filters roughly every six months. However, in case you notice Limescale, mineral build-up, or bacteria and mold more often you might consider replacing your filters every 4 months. The good news it is extremely easy to do as you can see in the video guide below: 


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