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Meet the iconic StoneStream® shower head models

The Original StoneStream® Shower Head

Released: 2017

Increased water flow velocity, up to 35% reduction in water usage, softened healthier shower water with a 2-layered mineral stones filtration mechanism

from £19.90 


The StoneStream® BioPure Shower Head

StoneStream previous shower head model - BioPure

from £19.90 

Released: 2018

Double-layered water filtration system featuring mineral anion filtration stones and a built-in Polypropylene  filter purifying  and softening shower water

The StoneStream® 360° Shower Head

Released: 2019

Improved water filtration system utilizing a spinning inner chamber containing 3 types of mineral stones providing softer and healthier shower water

from £19.90 

StoneStream previous shower head model - 360 with spinning mineral stones chamber

Did you know we recently introduced a new shower head collection?
Get the new 2020 StoneStream EcoPower ⬇ 

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