Why StoneStream is NOT selling on Amazon

Why am I seeing StoneStream for half the price on Amazon?

Well, the short answer is that you are not. StoneStream is not selling on Amazon nor does it have any resellers. In case you're seeing an Amazon listing with 'StoneStream' or 'Stone Stream' in the title we highly recommend you stay away - they are cheap knockoffs that use false advertising techniques and illegally steal the 'StoneStream' respectable brand name and  registered trademark  to essentially mislead consumers to think they are buying a real StoneStream showerhead. 

If you'd like to report such listing on Amazon please reach out to us here and help us fight this phenomenon so other consumers will not be misled by those sellers on Amazon.


Why StoneStream® is not selling its products on Amazon?

If you do a little Google searching, you will find horror stories of Amazon sellers losing their businesses practically overnight. There's a lifelong list of reasons why we are not selling our products on Amazon yet. But to make a long story short - StoneStream is only available across our brand websites and nowhere else. So if you see some listings on Amazon claiming to sell a StoneStream showerhead beware and note that these are not our showerheads, just something of resemblance that might remind you of our models.

Why am I seeing a lot of Facebook & Instagram ads by other brands selling showerheads similar to StoneStream?

We've recently received many complaints about copycat companies that use our advertisements to sell cheap knockoffs that might look like StoneStream. Check very carefully where you buy your showerhead and we highly recommend to stay away from these copycats because we've received many customer emails telling us about how they were ripped off and were sold a poor quality product that will not function like an original StoneStream showerhead and will take forever to arrive if at all. To purchase your original StoneStream showerhead click the button below.

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