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Do StoneStream® shower heads sell on Amazon or eBay?

Can I buy your products on Amazon?

UK Customers - Yes you can! Check out our Amazon UK Store. For the time being, we're offering only selected products and kits, so if you want to shop from our vast selection of shower kits and products it is best to place your order on our official online store

We promise we will take care of your order and be there for you whenever you'll need us. Our customer service is arguably better than Amazon's (don't take our word for it, you can ask our store customers or check out the reviews on our Trustpilot page). So rest assured we'll do whatever we can to make you happy and help you transform your shower into the pleasant experience you deserve. 

US Customers - You can now get some of the items and kits that historically were sold exclusively from here on our store and enjoy the benefits of the Amazon Prime delivery service. 

We're currently offering only 4 kits to customers in the US through our Amazon store. If you live in the US and you need any item that is sold separately it is best to place your order on our online store here.

International CustomersOur store only offers very limited selection of products that can ship  outside of the US. You can however, place your order on our online store here. We offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! And we work with the best carriers worldwide. Every package is fully trackable, you'll get a tracking number and URL 2-3 days post your purchase. 

Can I buy your products on eBay?

Yes, you can! We have recently launched our new eBay store. Customers from all over the world can now get the majority of our latest catalog items and kits through our eBay store. How exciting is that? :)

Why am I seeing StoneStream for half the price on Amazon or eBay?

Well, the short answer is that you are not. Since the success of our first models, the StoneStream brand and products are being imitated by sellers across Amazon, eBay and other online commerce platforms. In case you're seeing Amazon or eBay pages with 'StoneStream' or 'Stone Stream' in their title we highly recommend you stay away - they are cheap knockoffs that use false advertising techniques and illegally steal the 'StoneStream' respectable brand name and registered trademarks (UK trademark, US trademark) to essentially mislead consumers to think they are buying a real StoneStream showerhead. 

If you'd like to report such behavior and help fellow online consumers please reach out to us here. Help us fight this phenomenon so other people will not be misled by those sellers on Amazon and eBay.


Why am I seeing a lot of Facebook & Instagram ads by other brands selling showerheads similar to StoneStream?

We've recently received many complaints about copycat companies that use our advertisements to sell cheap knockoffs that might look like StoneStream. Check very carefully where you buy your showerhead and we highly recommend to stay away from these copycats because we've received many customer emails telling us about how they were ripped off and were sold a poor quality product that will not function like an original StoneStream showerhead and will take forever to arrive if at all. Get your original StoneStream showerhead from any of our official online stores available in the buttons below.

Get your genuine StoneStream showerhead here:

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us

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