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Why over 150,000 people chose StoneStream for their shower? 

We take great pride in what we do which is helping hundreds of thousands of people improve their everyday shower with increased shower pressure, cleaner water, and less water waste. 

StoneStream vs. other shower heads

Over the years we've heard from our customers both the good and the bad things about other shower heads they used before they moved to StoneStream.

We wanted to share that accumulated knowledge with you here and show you why we believe you should not settle for less than the original StoneStream for your shower.


* last updated 13-Sep-2019

If for some reason you believe we slightly tilted the results in our favor with the above chart (although we've done very thorough research before we shared it) we encourage ​you to check the other shower heads then come back here and let us know what we've missed - contact us here. We always love to hear from our website visitors and we'll happily fix any outdated information.

Read about us on Trustpilot

We also invite you to explore our customer unbiased reviews ​at Trustpilot - where we currently have over 600+ unbiased customer reviews rated us GREAT with 8.1 - which for those of you who do not know TrustPilot is amazing! 


Buy with confidence

We want you to buy our products only if you feel you've made the right choice so if you still need more information you can check out more customer reviews, including video reviews and demos of our products, here

If you're ready to make the step and introducing a whole new showering experience for yourself and your family just click the button below and choose the model that best fits your needs: 

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