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10 Reasons why people enjoy better showers with StoneStream® 

Traditional shower heads are a boring necessity.

So we made one that isn't.

TL;DR (Too long; didn't read)
Our proprietary spray nozzles increase water flow velocity by 200%.
 Our stunning shower heads contain Mineral Stones that filter hard water, reduce chlorine levels and other contaminants (that are not good for you, to say the least). 
They are engineered to save water, thus saving you money.
We offer FREE USPS shipping, and if you wish to return your item for ANY reason, just keep it and we'll process a full refund. Our customer service team is available 24/7.
We have over 10K reviews to back all this up.

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Free Delivery Included

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Free Delivery Included

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filtering hard water which does wonders

1. You'll enjoy better flow and less clogging

We use anodized aluminum to perfect the structure with 250 laser-cut spray holes. The water stream is designed for both thin and thick hair, infants and pet fur. Built from high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer, StoneStream® EcoPower is highly durable. Our anodized aluminum plate allows mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look.

The 10 reasons

2. Your shower head might be a hotbed for microorganisms (AKA the scum that coats the front of your showerhead)

​The Showerhead Microbiome Project team found that worlds of microbes thriving on the very things we use to bathe ourselves with each day. Some of which could pose a threat to your health as people with weak immune systems are exposed to more infections*. Our filter features a 15-stage filtration process that will reduce water impurities including chlorine, dirt, rust, bacteria, limescale, and more for approx. £0.15/day on average. Our filters are good for about 30,000 Litres, which is 6-8 months of the average shower water usage.


*Source: American Society for Microbiology

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3. It's designed to save water and reduce costs

StoneStream® EcoPower reduces shower water consumption by up to 35%. In the average UK home, StoneStream® can save £227 on your yearly water bill. If everyone in the US used StoneStream®, we could save over £3 Billion every year in water consumption and heating.


4. Your skin & hair will thank you

Over 60% of UK homes have hard water, it mostly consists of high levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water sticks to everything it touches including your pipes, showerhead, skin, and hair. Hard water may clog pores and cause dryness, triggering breakouts, flaking, and itching. Moreover, hard water erodes the hair elasticity and leaves the hair very rough. Our filters reduce the amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water - adjusting your skin's pH value contributing to its health as well as making your hair more smooth and shiny.


5. Multi-Function. Rainfall, Jet & Massage settings

Enjoy 3 powerful spray settings. The jet mode is perfect for stiff necks and muscles. We engineered the spray holes to give you a relaxing shower sensation and generate 2x faster water flow velocity than regular shower heads. The Rainfall setting will get you more coverage which is optimal for rinsing and the Massage setting is a combination of both rainfall and jetting - Power & Coverage. Our shower heads also feature an on/off button making it convenient for washing long hair, children & pets.

stone stream shower head

6. Easy to install (No need for professionals)

If you can replace a lightbulb, you can install StoneStream®, it is compatible with the international standard connection (2cm connector). Every StoneStream® package comes with instructions and your can also visit our how-to-install videos page ➭


7. Fits all showers. (Electric, Mixer, Power, Gravity, Combi)

StoneStream® shower heads and filters fit all shower types. We offer a wide range of kits to fit each purpose. You can order a full shower kit or a shower head only (replacement stones available).

Not sure? Click here to get a FREE fitting consultation today ➭

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8. "I LOVE this shower head! 😍"
10,000+ 5-star reviews

People can’t get enough of the StoneStream® shower head. We’re getting so many great vibes for our customers. We’d also like to thank all of our customers who share photos, videos and  stories on social media. Word of mouth helps us a lot!


Watch video reviews by real customers ➭

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9. Want to return? Keep it! Free Delivery, Full Warranty and 24/7 Customer Service

We are so confident in our products that if there's any issue, we'll replace it for free - no returns needed! Our products are universal and fit 99% of shower types, that's why we offer a compatibility guarantee and if for some reason it doesn't fit, we'll process a full refund! If you want to contact us, our customer service team is available 24/7 at or if you’re feeling old-school, you can reach out to us at +1 (302) 696-0606.

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10. There’s also a good cause

We made providing clean water to everyone a part of our business. We envision a world in which all people have clean water. Since its inception, StoneStream's mission was to provide cleaner and healthier water to people all over the world. At StoneStream®,  we are committed to that mission and we believe we have the responsibility to push that concept all over the planet.

Learn more about our social impact ➭

Ready For a Better Shower Experience?

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What Our Customers Are Saying



​Psymo: Normally when I have a shower my skin dries out pretty badly. I've got to be honest... It's not bad. It is a better experience.


Kimberly: It's been a great shower. I love it. It's the best massaging shower I've had.


Kevin: Nice even spray. Filters are working perfectly. If you don't want to do something for your whole house or your RV trailer you can just buy this shower head with the filtration system. It's perfect, you don't need anything else.

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