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StoneStream vs Showery: Which Is Better? An Honest Comparison

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

There's nothing more relaxing than a soothing shower after a long day of work. And for that soothing shower, you need a high-quality shower head that is sturdy, efficient, innovative, and built to last. If you're in the market for an ionic shower head, you must have found yourself wondering: StoneStream or Showery? Which is the better shower head? The two might seem similar visually, but there are many aspects that set the two shower heads apart.

StoneStream EcoPower shower head and Showery EcoFlow shower head against a white background
StoneStream vs Showery: Which is Better?

To help you make your decision, we've put together a comparison of these two shower heads (to be more precise, the two brands' most popular ionic shower heads). If you're replacing your current shower head with a new one, it's important to ensure that the latter is an upgrade in every sense of the word. It makes complete sense to want to know for sure which shower head to choose because you're spending your hard-earned money on a shower accessory that aims to make your bathroom luxurious and functional, greatly improving the quality of your daily life. You deserve to know what you're spending on and whether it's worth it!

So let's find out which is better: StoneStream or Showery. We will look at different aspects of both shower heads (i.e. the Original StoneStream EcoPower and Showery's EcoFlow) and overall brand attributes including origin, quality, water flow, water filtering abilities, price, and more. Let the battle of the shower heads commence and may the best product win!

History and Origin

StoneStream has been around for a longer time — the Original StoneStream® shower head was introduced to the market in 2017, and the models since have raised the bar when it comes to innovation and design (take a look at the previous models here). StoneStream saw a rise in customers and become a household name in 2019 and 2020 when its EcoPower shower head became one of the viral TikTok shower heads that people — from influencers to commoners — couldn't get enough of, thanks to its ability to filter, soften, and conserve water with the help of its unique mineral beads and innovative anodized aluminum plate.

StoneStream about page explaining their history and origin
StoneStream's About page

Additionally, StoneStream is a registered trademark. It was registered on 24 August 2018, according to the Intellectual Property Office.

Showery released its first shower head in 2018, a year after StoneStream. Showery's EcoFlow shower head replicates the concept of mineral beads filtration as is seen in the Original StoneStream EcoPower shower head. The product too aims to filter and soften water whilst reducing water usage.

Showery's about page explaining their history and origin
Showery's About page

Showery is also a registered trademark. It was registered on 13 August 2021, according to the Intellectual Property Office, which is three years after StoneStream's trademark registration. It appears that Showery noticed the success of the StoneStream shower head and copied the shower head...but let's see how well have they been able to copy!

Quality and Materials Used

Now, let's take a look at what the two shower heads are made of, because the material is what determines how long they will last. StoneStream's EcoPower shower heads have plates that are made with anodized aluminum, which is a type of aluminum that has been electrochemically treated, and have 250-laser cut holes for a powerful yet gentle water flow. This results in a corrosion-resistant and sturdy shower head. The body of the shower head is built from high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer, which makes it durable.

Information about the materials used by StoneStream shower heads
Information about the materials used by StoneStream shower heads

Showery's EcoFlow shower heads claim to be made of premium materials, but the specific details are not provided on their website. Showery mentions making use of "H20 laser perforated technology and 300 water-saving micro-holes" for reduced water use and increased water pressure, but does not reveal what materials the shower head is actually made out of. Thus, there's no guarantee that the EcoFlow is built to last,

Information about materials used by Showery shower heads
Information about materials used by Showery shower heads

Manufacturing and Shipping

StoneStream is a registered trademark of a British company and its products are designed in the UK and shipped from local warehouses in either the US or the UK, depending on where free shipping is provided. A tracking number is also given to the customers after they place the order.

Showery promises free shipping internationally as well as a tracking number, but mentions that their products are shipped directly from China. This might cause some delays, as products often get held up in customs.

Water Flow Velocity and Water Pressure

StoneStream EcoPower shower head increases water flow velocity and water pressure (a.k.a the pressure with which the water hits your body) by up to 212% when compared to ordinary shower heads, as demonstrated by lab tests performed by Intertek. The criteria used to judge the increased water flow velocity is based on the development of new testing protocols for measuring the performance of shower heads (Report for California Energy Commission).

An infographic showing the difference in water flow between a regular shower head and the StoneStream EcoPower.
StoneStream has lab data to support the claim of 2x water flow velocity

Water pressure is the force at which water comes out of your shower head, and is largely determined by the water supply in your home. On the other hand, water flow is the amount of water that actually comes out of your shower head per minute. Meanwhile, water flow velocity is the speed with which water comes out of the shower head. A shower head with high water flow velocity will be more efficient than an ordinary shower head, particularly in areas that have low water pressure in general.

It is not possible to increase water pressure (within the pipes) using a shower head, but it is possible to increase water flow velocity and the pressure of the water that hits your body. The StoneStream EcoPower shower head works by pushing water out through hundreds of tiny holes at a faster rate, which thus doubly increases the water flow velocity (when compared to an ordinary shower head). Think of how water shoots out at an increased rate when you cover the opening of a garden hose with your thumb. It's that same concept at work here! You can read more about how water flow velocity works.

Showery's EcoFlow shower heads claim to work by and large in the same way though there is no citation to any research, lab tests, and/or recognized shower head performance protocols on their website.

Water Filtering Abilities

StoneStream manufactured the original mineral beads shower head (also known as the ionic shower head or mineral stones shower head) in 2017 and has been updating the EcoPower model every year since.

Infographic about StoneStream EcoPower's mineral stones — ceramic energy stone, anion stone, tourmaline stone
Information about StoneStream EcoPower's mineral stones

There are three types of germanium stones in the StoneStream EcoPower shower head — anion stones, ceramic energy stones, and tourmaline stones — which reduce water hardness, prevent limescale buildup, filter out chlorine, bacteria, dirt, and other impurities, and maintain the pH of your skin and hair. The mineral stones have to be replaced every 6-8 months after they have filtered around 30,000 litres (or 8000 gallons) of water. The benefits of each type of germanium stone have been explained on the website.

Mineral stones filters, polypropylene filters, and Vitamin C filters against a white background.
StoneStream provides 3 types of filtration options

StoneStream also provides the option of a polypropylene mesh filter or a Vitamin C filter to go with their EcoPower and Matte Black models, respectively. The polypropylene mesh is a fine screen that physically traps and removes foreign particles from the water, reducing dirt, mineral build-up, and impurities. The Vitamin C filter too softens and purifies water, and has additional aromatherapy properties.

Showery also mentions using a "mineral stone formula of Anion, Ceramic and Tourmaline stones" that is able to filter out dirt and toxins, including chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides. However, no further details have been provided about the mineral stones or their specific benefits.

Infographic showing mineral stones filtration for Showery EcoFlow
Showery too uses mineral stones, but doesn't explain their types and specific purposes

Showery only provides one type of filter — i.e. the mineral stones — with their EcoFlow shower heads as opposed to StoneStream's three types of filters that can go with the EcoPower shower heads.

Showery also highlights the need to replace the mineral stones in the shower head every 12 months, which is longer than StoneStream's recommended time frame because the stones will lose most of their filtering capacity after that long a period of time. The quantity of water that can be efficiently filtered by the mineral beads has also not been mentioned on the Showery website.

Water Softening Abilities

The StoneStream EcoPower shower head comes with a mineral stones filter, a polypropylene mesh filter, or a Vitamin C filter that can soften water, preventing limescale and mineral buildup in your pipes as well as on your skin and hair. Additionally, StoneStream also has a Universal Shower Hard Water Filter that uses a 15-stage filtration process and can attach to the EcoPower shower head (or any other shower head) to more efficiently get rid of the impurities in shower water such as limescale, chlorine, dirt, rust, bacteria, sand, and heavy metals.

StoneStream also has a video demonstrating how the EcoPower shower head and the Universal Shower Hard Water Filter reduce the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels of water in real-time:

Showery's EcoFlow also claims to be able to soften water and remove chlorine thanks to its mineral stones. However, as mentioned previously, no details regarding the mechanism of water softening have been provided, so we cannot be sure about effective the shower head actually is and whether it even works properly.

Water Saving Abilities

The StoneStream EcoPower shower head can reduce water usage by up to 35%, thus massively bringing down your water and energy bill. In fact, for the average household of four, it can save approximately 45,990 litres (12150 gallons) of water in a year and £227 ($250) on yearly water and energy bills. The EcoPower saves water by pushing less water at a greater speed through the numerous holes of the shower plate. Remember the garden hose analogy? It's the same concept — less water is coming out at a faster rate through a smaller opening.

StoneStream's data on its EcoPower shower head's water reduction by 35%
StoneStream's data on its EcoPower shower head's water reduction by 35%

Showery also claims that their shower heads can help save water, but they do not mention by how much. Under the section "Reduce Water Consumption" on their EcoFlow product page, they write "Our innovative showerheads feature laser perforated micro-holes and a stop/start button so you can reduce your environmental impact and save money." Essentially, their main way to save water is through the Stop button that pauses the flow of water, and that depends on whether the user is actually making use of the Stop button. Additionally, they have not provided any data regarding their water reduction and its impact on water bills.

Showery claims to reduce water use but doesn't explain how and doesn't feature any data
Showery claims to reduce water use but doesn't explain how and doesn't feature any data

Spray Settings and Stop Button

The StoneStream EcoPower shower head comes with 3 different spray settings (rainfall, jetting, massage — a.ka. multi-function) and an Eco Stop button that can pause the flow of water. For electric showers, the EcoPower is available without the Eco Stop button. The EcoPower shower head also comes with a single spray option (known as single-function), for those who aren't interested in different spray settings.

The Showery EcoFlow also comes with 3 different spray settings and a stop button to pause the flow of water. They have a model without the stop button for electric showers, but they do not have an EcoFlow variant with only one spray setting. Instead, they have a separate shower head — called the Ionic shower head — which has no stop button or spray settings but is otherwise the exact same product as the EcoFlow shower head. They have not listed any of the differences between the EcoFlow and the Ionic shower head models, which are visually very similar and mention the same performance-related claims.

Handheld vs Wall-Mounted Variants

The StoneStream EcoPower comes in both handheld and wall-mounted variants. There's also the option to get the handheld + wall-mounted combo, for those who are interested in double showers.

StoneStream handheld and wall-mounted variants of the EcoPower shower head
StoneStream has both handheld and wall-mounted variants of the EcoPower shower head

The Showery EcoFlow only comes in the handheld variant. There is no wall-mounted option for those who aren't interested in a detachable shower head.


The starting point for StoneStream shower heads is £19.99 (or $29.90). The StoneStream EcoPower with 3 different spray settings and an Eco Stop button costs £25.85 (or $34.99).

The starting point for Showery shower heads is £24.99. The Showery EcoFlow with Stop Button is priced at £25.99, making it a bit more expensive than the StoneStream EcoPower. Showery's Ionic shower head also starts at £24.99, which is more than the base price of the StoneStream EcoPower shower head (which is £19.99).

StoneStream, on its website, provides customers the option to view the prices in US dollars and Euros, but Showery does not. This means that you'll be able to see Showery's prices in other currencies only during the checkout stage, which might cause some inconvenience if you want to decide on a budget before you start shopping.

Final Verdict: Which is Better, StoneStream or Showery?

Considering all the factors explored above, StoneStream is the better option when compared to Showery as the EcoPower shower head came first (and is the original mineral beads or ionic shower head that all the others are based on), is lab-tested, comes with customizable options, and offers more value for money despite being cheaper than its competitors and copycats. Plus, the website provides details regarding every aspect of the product, from the function of its features to information about its replacements and their longevity, which instills confidence in the customer.

While Showery's EcoFlow might be satisfactory at best, it clearly replicates what StoneStream already did many years ago with the EcoPower shower head and website. Additionally, the lack of information about the product on their website makes it difficult to gauge just how effective it actually is. It might thus be a risk to purchase from them, as you won't be sure what you're getting yourself into. There can't be any accountability if there's no information!

Therefore, we recommend that you go with the Original StoneStream EcoPower shower head, which was the first of its kind in the market and continues to be the best, thanks to its demonstrated effectiveness, constant upgrades, value for money, and the confidence it has inspired in more than 200,000 customers to date. There are many copycats that are far more expensive than the Original StoneStream shower heads, and we urge you not to fall for their marketing gimmicks or empty promises.

Enjoy Better Showers with the Original StoneStream

The Original StoneStream EcoPower shower head held by a hand ina  grey bathroom. Shower head is in rainfall mode.
The Original StoneStream EcoPower shower head

The StoneStream EcoPower shower head is the original mineral beads shower head that all the others are based on! You're guaranteed better and more eco-friendly showers with this innovative shower head. Check out its benefits below:

  • More than 200% increase in water flow velocity

  • 35% reduction in water consumption

  • Filters water and removes impurities like chlorine, dirt, sand, and limescale

  • Softens water, making it spring-like

  • Has 3 spray settings — rainfall, jetting, and massage

  • Has an Eco Stop button to pause water flow and reduce water use

  • Takes less than a minute to install

  • Universally compatible — fits in any bathroom

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

StoneStream is also a leading manufacturer of shower accessories — from non-slip shower mats to shower hoses, replacement filters to squeegees, shower arms to shower adaptors. It's important to make sure that your shower accessories complement your shower head and bathroom at large — this is both for the sake of appearance and functionality. So if you're in the market for any of these products, we suggest you consider StoneStream first.

We hope this article was helpful in your decision-making process. You're free to try out different shower heads and see which one works best for you, but we're confident that the Original StoneStream EcoPower shower head will serve you well. All the best on your journey to better showers!

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